What Is the Highest Rated Sweeping and Mopping Robot?

Sweeping and mopping robot

Having pets is fantastic, but cleaning up after them is less so. What Is the Highest Rated Sweeping and Mopping Robot?

Having pets is fantastic, but cleaning up after them is less so. I have a long-haired mixed breed, and I’ve collected her weight in fur several times over. I love her, but I wish that I didn’t have to pick up dog hair every day. 

Thankfully, after buying a robot vacuum, I was spared that indignity. However, not all robot vacuums are the same, so I had to find one suitable for pets. To help spare you from endless cleaning, here are five of the best models I found. 

Best Robot Vacuums for Pets

1. Eufy 11S

One of the reasons robot vacuums can struggle with pet hair is because the follicles can get stuck in the rollers. One way to alleviate this issue is to have a vacuum with higher suction. Unfortunately, many of these machines are too small to compare to plug-in units. The Eufy 11s, however, comes with iBoost technology. 

With the iBoost, the vacuum knows when to pull an Emeril and kick things up a notch. With over 3000pa of suction, pet hair has nowhere to hide. Even with the extra suction, this bad boy is quieter than you might think. It also comes with a 100-minute battery life, making it ideal for most households, even those with multiple shedders. 


  • 1300pa of suction
  • Quiet operation
  • 100-minute battery life
  • Works on most carpets
  • Ultra-thin design


  • Not ideal for high-pile carpeting
  • Can get stuck on some obstacles

2. iRobot Roomba 675

Since Roomba was first on the scene, the company has made great strides in perfecting robot vacuum technology. Although other brands are giving iRobot a run for its money, the Roomba is still an excellent choice for pets. 

The 675 is a prime example of how far Roomba has come. This vacuum can sync with your smart home apps like Alexa or Google Home. This functionality allows you to see where the machine is at any given time and enable voice activation. You’ll really feel like you’re living like The Jetsons when you say, “Alexa, send the Roomba to the living room.” Rosie, eat your heart out. 


  • Proprietary smartphone app included
  • Three stages of cleaning
  • Adaptive navigation
  • Syncs with Alexa and Google Home
  • Automatically adjusting head


  • Wifi connection can be spotty at times
  • Not suitable for pets with lots of shedding

3. iRobot Roomba i7+

Although the 675 model is useful, the i7+ takes cleaning to the next level. The primary reason I love this machine is that it comes with its own garbage disposal. One of the most annoying aspects of robot vacuums is having to empty their canisters. The i7+ doesn’t need you anymore since it automatically disposes its dirt and fur into the accompanying tower. 

That being said, this system will take up a lot more room in your house, so be aware of that. Not only is the tower massive, but you need free space on all sides to allow the robot access to its charging dock. So, if you have a cramped home, the i7+ will more or less take over. 


  • Dirt canister for automatic disposal
  • Multi-surface rubber brushes
  • Traps allergens while it cleans
  • Adaptive navigation and sensors


  • May notify you to empty the bin before its full
  • Can have trouble docking at times

4. Neato XV-21

While other robot vacuums work well for pets, the XV-21 is specifically designed to clean up after them. This is the Pets and Allergens model, meaning that this machine can trap hair, dust, and other particles like nobody’s business. Best of all, it cleans all floor types, so fur has nowhere to hide. 

Another reason I like the XV-21 is that it comes with advanced cleaning bristles. Since pet hair can get snagged so easily, these rollers are built to prevent clogging. If you’ve ever had to pull hair out of a robot vacuum before, you understand why this feature is so useful. 


  • Designed for pet hair and allergens
  • Works on all floors
  • Advanced bristles clean more efficiently
  • Laser mapping and navigation


  • Sensors have to be cleaned regularly
  • Suction can wear down over time

5. Neato BotVac D7

When comparing robot vacuums, you’ll notice that most of them have a slim, circular design. The D7, however, is so named because of its distinctive D shape. This design allows the robot to fit into corners more efficiently, ensuring that you get a spotless floor. While other robots leave a trail of dust along the edges, the D7 sucks it up like a champ. 

Another reason why this vacuum is suitable for pets is that it comes with extra-large brush rollers, which prevent hair from getting tangled too easily. Although I would prefer rubber bristles, this machine does the job well enough. 


  • D-shaped design for corner cleaning
  • Intelligent and adaptive home mapping
  • Integrates with smart home systems
  • Extra-large brush for pet hair
  • Charges in just 150 minutes


  • Can have trouble syncing with various programs
  • Thicker than other models, so it can get stuck under furniture more easily

Whether you have a short or long-haired dog, whether you are a modern-day Ace Ventura with dozens of animals living in your home, the right robot vacuum can make a world of difference. Now, instead of sweeping and vacuuming fur daily, you can wait weeks between cleanings. What will you do with all of that free time? I’m sure your pet will appreciate more attention.

What is the highest rated sweeping and mopping robot?