What Is the Best Pool Cleaning Robot?

Best pool cleaning robot

When it comes to feeling like a success, nothing compares to having a backyard pool. When I was searching for a new home, I knew that I needed one. Not only was it the ultimate status symbol, but it would allow me to relive my childhood of swimming in the backyard during hot summer days. 

One thing I don’t miss, however, is having to clean the pool. Thankfully, today we have the best pool cleaning robots. If only they were around when I was a kid. 

I’ve searched high and low for the top-rated pool cleaners, and this is what I found. Stop spending so much time sweeping and vacuuming by hand! Let the robots do the dirty work. 

5 Best Pool Cleaning Robots

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC

When I started looking at pool robots, I was surprised how few brands were in this market. As you’ll notice on this list, Dolphin is by far the most prolific and well-known company making robots like this. One of Dolphin’s advantages is that it offers so many varieties of robots to suit different needs. The Nautilus CC is the most highly rated, and it is built for in-ground pools (like mine). 

What I like most about Dolphin robots is that they don’t require hoses and pumps. I remember having to flood the hose before hooking it up to my old pool cleaner, and it would only work for a couple of days before air got in the line, rendering it useless. 

Another advantage of the Nautilus CC is that it has dual brushes to scrub your pool’s bottom and sides more efficiently. Overall, if you keep this thing running regularly, your pool will stay in excellent shape. 


  • Cleans in two hours
  • Works for in-ground pools up to 50 feet long
  • Dual-scrubbing brushes
  • No pumps or hose required


  • Can stop working suddenly at times
  • Power source is not weatherproof

2. Dolphin E10

If your backyard isn’t already blessed with an in-ground pool, you can get the same effect by building one on top of the grass. Once your new pool is complete, you can buy the Dolphin E10 to clean it. As with other Dolphin robots, this model doesn’t require any pumps or hoses, meaning that you can save time and energy every time you clean. 

Since this machine is built for above-ground pools, it will reach every inch with ease. It can even climb on the sides of the liner, ensuring that dirt and debris never settle. This robot also has a built-in filter to make your water even more pristine. 


  • Ideal for above-ground pools up to 30 feet wide
  • Cleans in 1.5 hours or less
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Built-in filtration system


  • Does not work well for in-ground pools
  • May miss some sections consistently

3. Dolphin Premier

One of the problems with most robot pool cleaners is that they are only designed to scrub the liner. While that is all well and good, what about the bugs, leaves, and other debris collected on the surface? What’s the point of having a robot if you have to use the skimmer all the time anyway? 

Fortunately, the Dolphin Premier does it all. While this robot will set you back a bit, it’s worth it for the ultimate lazy accessory. Just drop this bad boy into the water and let it work. The Premier scrubs the floor, sides and skims the water line for you. Better yet, it comes with four filtration bag options so you can get the best results possible. This robot is also so advanced that it will spot dirt on its own and adapt accordingly. 

That being said, the sensors are not 100-percent accurate all the time, so you might see some spots here and there. However, the Premier will do a lot of heavy lifting for you, so don’t give it too much of a hard time. 


  • Cleans liner and skims the water
  • Multiple filtration options
  • Automatic cleaning sensors
  • Won’t get tangled in its cord


  • Costly compared to other models
  • In rare cases, the motor can short out unexpectedly

4. Dolphin Triton PS

While the Premier does it all, the Triton PS is just one step down. This robot will scrub the bottom and sides of your pool and suction any debris along the water’s edge. The only thing it won’t do is float along the surface to get everything that has fallen aimlessly into your pool. So, you will still have to use the skimmer, assuming that you don’t have a pool boy. 

Another feature that I like about the Triton PS is that it comes with a top-loading filter. This design makes it easier to replace the filter and dispose of the grime and sludge contained within. I also appreciate that Dolphin robots don’t get tangled in their wiring – I have no patience when it comes to saving automatons. 


  • Waterline scrubbing
  • Vertical movement
  • Tangle-free sensors
  • Top-loading filter


  • Not as precise as other models
  • More expensive than other models

5. Polaris F9450

As I said, this list isn’t all Dolphin products. If Dolphin robots are the Cadillac of pool cleaners, the Polaris F9450 is the Land Rover. This model looks like a miniature car, and it even comes with a remote control! I like that it can maneuver more easily with its rugged wheels, and I appreciate the high level of suction provided. This machine can clear out most debris with ease. 

While this robot is capable, it does have a bit of a learning curve, and the thin wire can get caught in the wheels from time to time, so plan accordingly. You may come out to your pool one morning to find the Polaris floating on top as if it’s dead. 


  • High-powered suction
  • Top-loading filter
  • Wheels for better maneuvering
  • Remote control


  • Pricey
  • Wire can get caught in the tires sometimes

Bottom Line: Spend More Time Enjoying Your Pool

As with all robot cleaners, these machines are not designed to take care of your pool from open to close. You will still have to get rid of the big debris when opening your pool in spring, but the right robot can allow you to spend far less time spot cleaning and vacuuming during the summer. Overall, these products will enable you to enjoy the water and have a laissez-faire attitude about pool maintenance.