Will Roomba Work Without Wi-Fi?


Will Roomba work without Wi-Fi? Discover and get some other tips and tricks in our guide.

iRobot introduced the Roomba in 2002, and certain functions now work without Wi-Fi. 

iRobot makes a variety of Roomba automated vacuum cleaners, and they also produce some Braava automated mops. Some functions do not require Wi-Fi, which makes me feel secure. What’s more, I’m relieved to find out Roomba performs cleanings even if I lose my Wi-Fi connection. 

Roombas automatically vacuum your home, and they do it according to the times that you find most convenient. The Braava also works in a similar way for mopping. These machines “learn” using AI technology the route you want it to take when performing its primary cleaning task.

Concerns About Connecting Roomba To Wi-Fi

Will Roomba Work Without Wi-Fi - a hand holding a cellular phone and a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner
Only certain models namely: 690, 890, 960, and 980 sends data to a central location

Like I said, security while using Wi-Fi does matter to me. In fact, I’m not the only one that feels uneasy about personal data sent via the Roomba unit to the Internet. Concerning this, notice that only certain models, such as the 690, 890, 960, and 980, do send data to a central location.

However, you need not fear because iRobot does not share any of that information with third parties unless the company receives permission from the customers using the Roomba or Braava devices. In any case, you can turn off your Wi-Fi if you want.

How to Shut Off Roomba Wi-Fi

First, I recommend that you sign up for an account at the Roomba support website for information about your specific iRobot device. Refer to any owner’s manual found in the product packaging too. However, you can probably press and hold one or more of the following buttons at the same time: Clean, Spot Clean, and Home.

For most devices, you’ll probably hear a tone when you do this after about 15 seconds that indicates you have restored your machine to its factory settings. This action does present some issues though. You’ll need to know what features will and will not work when you do this.

Roomba Features That Work Without Wi-Fi

You can still turn on the device and program it, but without Wi-Fi, you’ll need to set up your preferences from the device itself. The “Clean” and “Spot Clean” functions will still work according to your customizations too. In addition, you can press the “Home” button to command the device to return back to its “Start” location.

Roomba Features That Don’t Work Without Wi-Fi

A Roomba robot vacuum cleaner model
Not having an internet connection does not allow you to have access to your schedules and past cleaning reports

You need an Internet connection to use your product’s smartphone app to control your Roomba device. A stable Wi-Fi connection also enables you to use Alexa for voice commands when requesting your automated vacuum cleaning or mopping machine to perform its duties. These features will not work if you don’t have Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, not connecting to Wi-Fi may also wipe out some of the stored data from your machine. For instance, not having an Internet connection doesn’t allow you to access or create schedules and view past cleaning reports.

How To Run Roomba With No Wi-Fi

Besides security, I’m concerned about what would happen if I didn’t expect to lose my Wi-Fi connection. I’m relieved to find out I won’t miss out on much when not using Wi-Fi with my Roomba or Braava device.

I hope that also gives you peace of mind. However, you must make sure you properly set it up using the Internet at least once before trying to use it offline. 

To make sure you can run your Roomba or Braava vacuum or mop with no Wi-Fi, check your owner’s manual to verify the configuration steps for each device you own. Afterward, you can usually just pick up your robot vacuum or mop, place it in the area you want to clean, and let it do its work anytime after you have completed the initial setup steps.