Can a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Clean Multiple Rooms?

can a robot vacuum clean multiple rooms

Can a robot vacuum cleaner clean multiple rooms? Continue reading and discover for yourself.

Robot vacuum cleaners find themselves in almost every home as they take away the stress of most cleaning around the house, and people wonder if a robot vacuum can clean the entire house or multiple rooms. The answers are found throughout the article.

So, can a robot vacuum cleaner clean multiple rooms? Yes, they can clean every room if they can pass freely.

Can a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Clean Multiple Rooms
A robot vacuum can clean multiple rooms if there are no obstacles around the corner

In other words, if the threshold is low enough and the doors are left open, the vacuum will buzz around every corner of the home. However, be warned of false advertisements because some generic brands may not have the battery power to complete the task.

There are different scenarios for the robot vacuum cleaner to cover every room. The sensors operate the vacuum to bounce around when it hits a wall or object. How the room is laid out and where the doors are in each room affect where the vacuum goes, so you want the vacuum with the best sensors and reviews to get the job done.

The Technology Behind Robot Vacuum Cleaners

A robot vacuum has a lot of technology to help it operate. It comes with a rechargeable battery that recharges itself throughout its time on the dock, and it can last anywhere from 45 minutes up to four hours, depending on the brand.

There is also a computer inside that controls its actions and an accelerometer to avoid falling downstairs and other objects in the room. A robot vacuum uses different sensors such as bumpers, cliff detectors, and position detectors to work out its environment around the house.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Can Clean Multiple Rooms

a clean and elegant living room
A robot vacuum can clean one room with enough battery and power supply

Robot vacuums can successfully clean every room as long as they have enough battery life, power supply, and sensors to operate correctly. A robot vacuum can only clean the room it is in, but with enough battery life and power supply, they can all clean one room after another.

This way of cleaning gives you a chance to take a break from the monotonous task of vacuuming the house because once your robotic vacuum gets its job done, all you have to do is press start whenever you want it to run again. A timer also comes with the device, so you set when it has to be in any specific room or spot in the house.

Beware Of False Advertisements About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

False advertisements may come through where some robot vacuums advertise cleaning multiple rooms. However, their sensors might not work well enough for them to navigate out of the first room and into the next.

parts of the vacuum robot cleaner
Look at its sensors and reviews to know if it can clean multiple rooms

Those robot vacuums may also not have a long enough battery life or power supply to clean the entire house in one session; instead, they make several trips over several days before it gets finished. The best way to tell if a robotic vacuum can clean multiple rooms is by looking at its sensors and reading reviews from previous customers.

FAQs About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

How much noise does a robot vacuum make while running?

Most of these machines are extremely quiet and only produce around 55 decibels of noise when cleaning. You will hardly know it is running. 

Can you schedule the machine to work at certain times of the day?

Yes, there are options to schedule this machine to turn on and off at specific times of the day.