7 Reasons Why Your Robot Vacuum Gets Stuck: How to Fix It

Robot vacuum gets stuck under a gray sofa

Does your robot vacuum gets stuck? Robot vacuums do a great job patrolling the floor; however, they can get stuck from time to time. Why does this happen?

Are you looking for a way to save time on your cleaning routine? If so, you may have thought about getting a robot vacuum. Devices such as the Roomba do a great job patrolling your floor; however, they can also get tripped up by common objects. 

Early versions of the Roomba may get tripped up by just about anything. Even though newer devices, such as the Roomba i7 have gotten better with each subsequent version, there are still a few common reasons why your robot vacuum might get stuck. Why is this the case?

A few common reasons why a robot vacuum might get stuck include: 

1. There Are Computer Cables On The Floor

One common reason why Robot vacuum cleaners get stuck is that there are computer cables on the floor. This could include charging cords, wall cords for desktop computers, and even power strips. It is easy for the wheels of the robot vacuum to get stuck on top of these objects.

Tape the Cords to the Wall

The easiest way to deal with this issue with a tape the cords to the wall. That way, they will not fall on the floor where they might have struck the vacuum cleaner. You may also want to talk power strips under cabinets where the Roomba may not go. 

2. Clothes And Toys Are Left Out

Particularly in a house filled with children, this is a common issue. Even though robot vacuum cleaners do have sensors to detect obstacles, there is a minimum height below which the Rooba will simply try to roll over. Clothes will get stuck in the wheel, pinning the robot vacuum to the ground. 

kids room with scattered toys, clothes, and bag where robot vacuum gets stuck
A common issue where robot vacuums often get stuck in every household is in the kids room

Clean Up Clutter for Robot Vacuums

The easiest way to deal with this issue is to simply clean up the clutter. Try to remove Legos, screws, coins, clothes, and other objects that will get in the way. This will prevent your robot vacuum cleaner from getting stuck. Keep in mind that if the object is tiny, your robot vacuum cleaner made drag it across the floor, leading to unsightly scratches. 

3. The Carpet Tassels And Fibers Are Too Thick

Carpet can be a serious problem for robot vacuum cleaners, particularly if you are using an earlier generation. If your carpet fibers are thick, the robot vacuum cleaner may get stuck. In particular, castles on the carpet can lead to serious issues. 

Test the Robot Vacuum Cleaner First

Before allowing your robot vacuum to clean this area, you should test it. Have it run over that area and see if it can handle the fibers and tassel. If it cannot, tuck in the table to make the task easier. 

4. The Chairs Are Too Low And The Robot Vacuum Is Getting Stuck

Depending on how low your chairs are and how tall your robot vacuum cleaner is, it is possible for the top of your robot vacuum cleaner code to light with the bottom of the chair. For example, you may have an adjustable desk chair that falls to the minimum height when not in use. 

elegant living room with low office chair
Robot vacuum could also be stuck at the base of your chair

Block Off This Area

Instead of having to move every low object in the room to a different location, simply block off this area. That way, your robot vacuum cleaner will not head in that direction. You can even use a virtual wall barrier if you have a later Roomba generation. 

5. Your Old Robot Vacuum Doesn’t Like Black Area Rugs

If you have an older generation, black area rugs can lead to problems. Even though this is not a common problem with newer robot vacuums, a lot of older Roombas will misinterpret black area rugs as a cliff. Therefore, it simply will not go in that area.

Remove the Dark Rug

If you have a dark rug, move it out of the way before your Roomba starts to clean. Or, you can block off the cliff sensors with tape; however, make sure your room but doesn’t go anywhere near the stairs, or it will simply fall and break. 

6. The Charging Dock Is In A Bad Spot

Your Roomba may also get stuck because it dies trying to make it back to the charging port. If you come home to a dead Roomba repeatedly, it may be because the charging port is simply in a bad spot. 

Charging station for mobile smart phones
Place your charging dock to a good spot

Give your Roomba Charging Station Plenty of Room

When you are setting up the charging dock, make sure there was plenty of room around it. Do not place the charging dock too close to the staircase or too close to your furniture. Also, do not move the charging dock as it claims, as your Roomba will get confused when it tries to go home. 

7. The Bristles And Brushes Are Dirty

Finally, it is also possible that the bristles and brushes on the bottom of the Roomba are dirty. If there are objects stuck in the wheels or brushes, the robot vacuum may not be able to move at all.

Clean the Roomba After Every Session

Try to spend a few seconds brushing away the dust and debris every time your Roomba vacuums. That way, you do not have to worry about the bristles or brushes getting stuck as it cleans during the next session.

Final Word on Why Robot Vacuum Gets Stuck 

These are just a few of the most common reasons why your robot vacuum may get confused or pinned somewhere. If you think about these issues ahead of time, you can prevent your Roomba from getting stuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Roomba see where it is going? 

It uses a variety of cameras and sensors to map your home and detect objects.

Why does my Roomba avoid my black area rug? 

If you have an older Roomba, there are cliff sensors that may misinterpret a black area rug for a steep drop, causing it to avoid the area.