Does the Roomba Work on Thick Carpet?

Does Roomba work on Thick carpet

The Roomba, is low to the ground and more basic models tend to work best with low-pile carpets and hard floors. So, Does the Roomba work on thick carpet?

When iRobot launched the Roomba automatic vacuuming robot in 2002, it largely changed the way many homeowners cleaned their properties. And while these devices have evolved over time and are now a staple in many homes throughout the country, it should go without saying that not all Roomba models are ideal for all types of flooring that can be found in the home.

The Roomba, by nature, is low to the ground and more basic models tend to work best with low-pile carpets and hard floors. It begs the question: Does the Roomba work on thick carpet? 

The answer is “yes” – but only if you select the right model. Let’s take a closer look at the best Roomba robot vacuums for high-pile carpeting and other tips to ensure you’re maximizing your investment.

Best Roombas for Vacuuming Thick Carpet

Like we said earlier in this piece, most models of the Roomba will not work well on high-pile carpet, so it’s important that you select the right model if you have thick carpeting throughout the home. If you don’t have the right Roomba model and you attempt to have it vacuum a high-pile carpet, several issues are likely to occur. For starters, it’s not likely to do a very good job of cleaning the carpet.

It’s also more likely to get stuck, work harder as it struggles to clean and the battery is also likely to deplete more quickly from the device working harder. What’s more is that the Roomba doesn’t feature a beater bar, which helps lift dirt and other debris from where it’s deeply embedded into the carpet.

The good news is that you don’t have to abandon your desire to acquire the Roomba if you have high-pile carpets throughout the home – you just need to make sure that you’re purchasing the right model. On this note, there are a few Roomba models that work well on thick carpeting:

  • Roomba 960: This Roomba comes with large wheels that can maneuver across high-pile carpeting easier than other models. It’s also equipped with two rubber brushes that are flexible enough to clean and agitate dirt and debris on the surface of the carpet and up to five times the suction of a standard Roomba. The cleaning brushes also continuously adjust to the floor that they’re cleaning.
  • Roomba i7: The Roomba i7 is similar to the 960, except it packs more power. In fact, it’s estimated to have up to 10 times the suction power of the standard Roomba, meaning it can work harder in removing dirt and debris that’s deeply embedded in carpeting. 

The nice thing about the aforementioned Roomba models is that they can work on just about any surface, so they’re not just ideal for thicker carpet. However, they are two of the more expensive models that Roomba offers, which may be a deterring factor and lead homeowners to stick to a conventional, manually-operated vacuum cleaner. 

Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Quality Performance on Thick Carpeting

Watch and Learn

The first time you run your Roomba on thick carpet, it’s a good idea to observe it – especially if the area of your home with such carpet is a large one. On thicker carpeting, it’s reasonable to expect the Roomba will have to work harder – and you don’t want to tax the motor.

By observing it, you can see if you need to make any adjustments or divide the room into halves for cleaning at different times so you don’t burn out its motor prematurely. Even with these considerations, you’ll want to make sure you don’t overdo it on high-pile carpet. 

Watch the Cords, Curtains

Making sure that cords are out of the way is important with any Roomba on any type of floor, but it’s perhaps all the more important when you’re dealing with thick carpet. This is because it may result in a greater likelihood of getting stuck or becoming tangled in the cord in the high pile.

Clean, Maintain it Properly

Make sure that you’re regularly cleaning the Roomba to rid it of dirt, debris, pet hair and more. Like any device in your home, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Make sure you’re maintaining it properly and changing out the filter per iRobot’s recommendation.