What Do You Need To Know About Your Robot Vacuum and Dog Poop: A Story

Robot vacuum and dog poop

If you have a robot vacuum at home, you may be wondering what happens about a robot vacuum and dog poop.

There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to save time on cleaning. I remember that I was in the same situation. When I first got my robot vacuum, I had a young dog at home. I was still in the process of training him, so he wasn’t quite housebroken. 

He would occasionally have accidents in the house. I was worried that if the robot vacuum encountered dog poop, it might smear the poop everywhere. Or, robot vacuums may try to suck it up, leading to problems. Fortunately, my Roomba was able to avoid dog poop; however, not everyone is so lucky. 

Jesse Newton: The Jackson Pollock Poop Painting Story

There was a story about a robotic vacuum cleaner that went viral recently. Jesse Newton shared a “tragedy” that happened in his household that started innocent enough. Then, in the middle of the night, his puppy pooped on the rug in the living room. 

Shortly after the puppy used the bathroom, the Roomba turned on. It cleans the house every night at 1:30 AM. Unfortunately, the Roomba found the dog poop in the middle of the floor. Unfortunately, his room but was not smart enough to avoid the dog poop.

The result was a disastrous cleaning cycle that spread the dog poop over every conceivable purpose within reach. According to Jesse Newton, he ended up with a home that closely resembles a Jackson Pollock poop painting. 

The Poop Had Spread Everywhere

The poop was spread all over the living room floor, the carpet, the rugs, and numerous other surfaces. It created a massive mess that even a mop struggled to clean up. Unfortunately, the story only got worse from there. 

At the time, he also had a four-year-old child who gets up at 3 AM. He decided to crawl into bed, and smells slightly like dog poop. That finally prompted him to get out of bed and take a closer look at the living room. What he saw was a Roomba that was entirely encrusted in brown. At first, he wasn’t even really sure what he had seen. Even though the Roomba looked like it was proud of itself, he knew he had to leap into action. 

The Cleaning Begins: Robot Vacuums and Children

As he got to work cleaning everything up, he couldn’t believe what he was doing. He started with his child first, bravely scrubbing the poop off his feet. Then, he put him back into bed. Even though his own feet were covered in poop at this point, he knew it would be a wasted effort.

A War Zone Downstairs

The living room looks like a war zone, and he knew that he was going to be walking through poop again. They are for, he decided to start by cleaning the Roomba. He tossed it in the bathtub, allowing it to soak.

He also pulled it apart piece by piece, assuming responsibility for everything that had happened in the middle of the night. Even though he was concerned that his room but would never work again, it didn’t matter.

He just needed to get the poop out of the Roomba. Even though the battery sounded like electronics in the process of dying, he went through with it anyway. 

Cleaning the Carpet

After his child and Roomba were clean, he turned his attention to the carpet. Even though he felt like the rug was laughing at him, he did debate throwing the carpet away. There was not enough shampoo in the world to get the dog poop out of the living room floor. 

Trying To Get the Roomba To Start Again

Empty a Clean Robot Floor Cleaner
Never let the robot vacuum run over dog poop

After he finally felt like he had cleaned everything out, he went back to bed. The next day, he tried to put the Roomba back together. He even removed the motherboard, washed it, scrubbed it with a toothbrush, and baked it in order to get everything to drive. Unfortunately, his Roomba did not turn on. 

A Call to the Company

He decided to call the place he purchased the Roomba from. He told them what had happened. He informed them that the Roomba had basically started World War 3 in the living room. After hearing his story, the company actually offered to replace the Roomba. Of course, he jumped at the opportunity. He got a new Roomba after everything that happened. 

Never Let the Roomba Run Over Dog Poop

He had learned his lesson. Do not, under any circumstances, allow a robot vacuum to try to run over dog poop. It will not go well. 

Final Word on Robot Vacuum and Dog Poop

If you are thinking about purchasing a robot vacuum, you have to make sure you do not let it run over dog poop. Even though it may not go this poorly, it is obvious this is a disaster you would like to avoid. If your robot vacuum gets stuck in dog poop, it will simply track it everywhere. 

That is why you always have to take a close look at your floors before your robot vacuum begins its cleaning cycle. Is there anything that is going to get in the way? Is there anything that could be tracked across the floor? If so, clean it up to avoid this issue. 

FAQs About Robot Vacuum and Dog Poop

What should I do if my robot vacuum stops working? 

If you have a robot vacuum and it stops working, you should reach out to the manufacturer to see if they have any advice. They may be able to replace your Roomba before you if it is still under warranty. 

Will my robot vacuum automatically avoid dog poop? 

There are some newer models that may be able to stay away from dog poop automatically; however, you should not assume this is going to happen.