Will a Robot Vacuum Scratch Wooden Floors?


People wonder, “will a robot vacuum scratch wooden floors?” Find out for yourself throughout this article.

Will a Robot Vacuum Scratch Wooden Floors
95% of Americans says they prefer hardwood floors in their homes

So, can you use a robot vacuum on a wooden floor without scratching it? The surprising answer is that it is not the vacuum that will scratch the floor but the sand and dirt particles that get stuck in the wheels or the vacuum’s brush that causes scratches. The only way to avoid this is by keeping the vacuum cleaner and watching the wheels.

Approximately 95 percent of Americans say they prefer hardwood floors to other types in their homes. Some people like half and half with carpets in the bedrooms, while the rest like the entire home filled with hardwood floors. This information makes the question if the robot vacuum is worth it for wooden floors.  

Why Use A Robot Vacuum?

a woman operating her robotic vacuum cleaner while laying on the sofa
Using robotic vacuum cleaner on your wooden floors with regularly scheduled maintenance is safe

Everyone loves the fact that a robot can clean your home without you being there. There is no doubt robot vacuums are a household favorite because they save time, money, energy, and the worry of keeping up with the home’s tidiness. The device is designed to work through programming or the flip of a switch.

However, since most people have hardwood floors, they are worried about getting damaged or scratched. It can be a costly repair for severe damage, but there are ways to avoid any damage to your floor. For starters, you can run the vacuum every day to keep the rooms clean, as long as the battery is fully charged before each use.  

Using a robot vacuum on wooden floors with regularly scheduled maintenance is safe. As compared to other floors, it is wise to keep an eye on the vacuum to ensure the best outcome possible for a clean floor. Some have mops built into the system, which helps tremendously with added cleanliness. 

Using A Robot Vacuum On A Wooden Floor 

a man operating his robotic vacuum cleaner using his cellphone
Keeping your floors clean every day is one of the things to do to avoid your wooden floors getting scratched

As mentioned, maintenance is the objective of using a robot vacuum on your wooden floor without the hassle of scratches or swirl marks. There are several things to keep the vacuum from damaging the floors, and the first is putting electrical tape on the front tires. 

The front tires are the number one thing that will scratch the floor if they get clogged with junk. When trash gets in the tires, the wheels stop turning, which causes the tires to drag on the floor. Putting electrical tape gives the tire a softer surface to keep it from leaving marks or scratches should the tire get clogged.

Other Floor Forms Of Maintenance For Your Robot Vacuum

You can do other things to keep your wooden floors from getting scratched. They are as follows.

  • Keep the floors clean every day.
  • Check or clean the vacuum after each room to ensure there is no hair in the wheels. 
  • Have everyone take off their shoes at the door.
  • Spot sweep with a soft bristle broom and dustpan before running the vacuum. 
  • Use mats at the entrances to wipe your feet before entering the rooms. 


Do robot vacuums work on all floors? 

Yes. The robot vacuum works are designed to operate on every type of floor in homes or offices. However, some floors will require extra maintenance and precaution.

Can I trust using a robot vacuum unattended?

It is wise to keep an eye on the vacuum from time to time with every mechanical device.