Will a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roll Over a Threshold?


One of the first legitimate thoughts when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner is, “Will a robot vacuum cleaner roll over a threshold?” Find out in this article.

So, can a robot vacuum cleaner roll over a threshold? The answer is yes if the threshold is lower than the rise of the vacuum. There are ways to get the robot vacuum cleaner over the threshold area for those thresholds higher than usual. 

Homes today are still built with thresholds if the rooms have different carpets, tiles, or linoleum. Even wooden floors have thresholds, but those with the same floor fixture throughout the house may not have thresholds in every room. This makes the cleaning experience even more satisfying.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Can Go Almost Anywhere

Will a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roll Over a Threshold- a woman cheerfully operating the robot vacuum cleaner
It is important to know the threshold measurements to know if your robot vacuum cleaner could pass through

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent way to keep the house clean without you having to do all the dirty work. The great thing about it is these devices can go almost anywhere in the home. They go under beds if the bed is high enough for the vacuum to fit under it, and they go over thresholds that are lower than the bottom of the vacuum.

If the wheels can pass freely along with the height and width of the machine, it will make it throughout your entire home. It will roll on uneven floors as long as there are no holes in the floor to trap the wheels. The different brands range in size from the floor to the bottom of the vacuum between 1.3 cm to 2 cm, and it is essential to know the threshold measurements to know for sure if the vacuum will roll over the threshold. 

Can A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Go Over A Threshold? 

As mentioned, the threshold measurements should be known before answering this question. The brand you choose also is a factor because each one is different in size and height. The tires also have a slight grip to them to help the vacuum maneuver over inclines such as thresholds.

Another factor determining if the robot vacuum cleaner will make it over a threshold is the angle at which it is going up. If the angle is off, it may have a bit of trouble getting over or get hung up in the middle of the threshold. Between the grips and height of the wheels, it makes all the difference. 

What To Do If Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cannot Go Over A Threshold?

a white robotic vacuum cleaner trying to roll over the carpet
Using small rugs on both sides of the threshold will lessen the incline

If the robot vacuum cleaner cannot make it up the incline of the threshold for some reason, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to help it without having to babysit it.

  • Try using a small rug on both sides of the threshold when in use. It will lessen the incline, and the vacuum will have no problems getting up the rug first.
  • If the angle going up is off, try moving the vacuum gently with your foot.
  • Pick it up and put it in the next room, but you may have to reset the program. 


How High Up Can A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Go? 

Most thresholds are .5 inches. Almost all of the vacuums go over items up to .7 inches in height.

What Are The Best Thresholds For A Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Wooden thresholds are the best.