Can You Hack A Roomba?

a hacker wearing a mask while doing a cyber attack

Can you hack a Roomba? Are you concerned that someone might be spying on your home? Learn more about hacking a Roomba below! If you are anything like me, you may have been looking for a way to save time on your cleaning routine. I know that I got tired of the numerous hours I …

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Can You Wash Roomba Filters

Can you wash roomba filters

Replacing the filter is an important part of maintaining any vacuum. The question is, can you wash Roomba filters on a robot vacuum cleaner? Though it operates automatically, the Roomba robot vacuum from iRobot isn’t much different from a conventional vacuum in terms of how it operates and how it captures dirt and debris. It uses …

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How Well Do Roombas Work?

How well do roombas work?

Those who are hesitant to ditch their manually-operated standup vacuum for the Roomba often ask one key question: How well do Roombas work? For many homeowners, the thought of never having to physically vacuum their floors (or hire someone to do it for them) again is enticing. And when iRobot’s Roomba automatic robot vacuum cleaner …

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